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The DISA lamp, also known as “Coderch lamp”, with shape of pumpkin, awarded and admired, was the only model of the lamp that the brilliant architect in life led to the manufacture in the middel 50´s.

TUNDS this time re-edits the DISA lamp with the supervision of the development of the heirs of Coderch. The original dimensions, materials and proportions designed by Coderch and aspects that remained pending in previous versions have been this time developed and improved.

It is an interior lamp with semi-gloss black anodized aluminum rings. A light internal structure supports the system of lighting with pure-LED technology. The screen of white methacrylate are helded by little bolts. Then the nice and characteristic shape of the DISA lamp is accomplished.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 67 x 17 x 17 cm
Size assembled

Diameter: 48cm ; Height: 30cm


Shades of white methacrylate

Light source

Warm integrated LED: 12w ; 2400-2700K

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