Passion to develop ideas and bring them to life
Our aim is to faithfully reflect the original inspiration of the Designer
Ideas and designs that are entrusted to us are treated with the greatest respect

DISA mini - Coderch NATIVE  design
warm reflexivity

Arch. Coderch - reference of the architecture of the 20th. century


DISA lamp - iconic Design

The essence of an Object part of the 20th. Century's Design

The Postcard from Picasso to Coderch
1962 - Coderch sends one DISA to Picasso and...

1962 - The Postcard:  Picasso responds to Coderch

... Picasso responds Coderch with a hand-made scketch
"The most wonderful pendant lamp of the world"

1962 - The Postcard:  handmade scketch of Picasso to Corderch